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5 Ways to Reward Your Employees for Doing a Good Job from Ron Cardenas of Omaha, Nebraska

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As a human resources expert, Ron Cardenas of Omaha, Nebraska, understands the value of rewards. Humans can be motivated by various factors, and not all of them need to be money. If you've noticed your employees struggling to stay motivated, it may be time to implement some workplace rewards. Below are five ways you can reward your employees for a job well done. 

1. A Thank You

This option doesn't cost anything and is easy to add to other rewards, as well. This can be as simple as going out of your way to say "thank you", whether it be private or in a meeting. Or maybe your company is giving away $5 gift cards or BOGO movie tickets to deserving employees. Why not add a personalized thank you note expressing your gratitude and appreciation for that person's hard work and dedication? For many people, a note like that is worth much more than the monetary reward.

2. Dinner with the Boss

If you want to take the free dinner idea one step further, going out for a nice meal with the boss might be intriguing to most employess.

Whether you're running a startup or a Forune 500 company, one-on-one time with employees and help create a culture of inclusion.

3. Sporting Event Tickets

Just about everyone loves to go to sporting events, even if you're checking out a minor league game. Many of us talk about wanting to see our favorite teams play but rarely get around to doing it, either for financial or commitment reasons.

If employees end up with tickets as a reward, they have an excuse to enjoy some time with family or friends they otherwise wouldn't have planned.

4. Corner Office or Parking Spot for a Week

This reward may not always be possible, but one fantastic incentive for employees is the benefit of moving to a bigger, more luxurious office space or ideal convenient parking space during harsh weather months. The idea of having the extra space and feeling more valuable to the company is an excellent motivator for somone trying to move up the ranks. It's also a great way to motivate other employees as they will see their peers reaping the rewards for their hard work.

5. Conference of Their Choice

If you're in an industry that offers various conferences or seminars, why not combine the concept of rewards with an opportunity to learn and grow? Employees often want to attend meetings but know there isn't enough funding in the budget, or they can't get the time off. However, if the reward for a job well done is to choose a conference to attend and have the company cover the expenses, it creates a win-win situation.

About Ron Cardenas

Ron Cardenas is a human resources expert based in Omaha, Nebraska, with over three decades of professional experience. His specialties include employee relations, compensation, compliance, and talent management. For the past 11 years, Mr. Cardenas has worked at an agriculture holdings company in Omaha, Nebraska, progressing from Director to Senior Director to Vice President of Human Resources.